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아이허브 추천상품

European Soaps, 어반 스파, 여행용 키트, 7 피스 키트

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가격 : ₩10,613

◀제품 설명▶

  • Beauty in A Bag
  • Pouch Is Chlorine Free
  • Natural Feels Great!

The Travel Kit

Never stop pampering yourself; never neglect the details and never go anywhere without your necessities-the perfumes, lotions, creams and serums that tell the world you love being you. Simply decant your I-can't-do-without products into our clear plastic containers, zip the soft pouch shut and overnight or overseas, you'll never be without them again.

◀제품 사용법▶

3x Screw Top Jars

Use them for all kinds of things:

  • Eye cream
  • Hair gel
  • Hand cream
  • Foundation
  • Loose powder
  • Earrings & rings
  • Pills

3x Spatulas

Great for keeping all your products germ-free.

2x Bottle with Cap

Use them for:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Body lotion
  • Sunscreen

3x Spray Bottle

Use for:

  • Hairspray
  • Toner
  • Body Spray

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아이허브 관련상 추천상품 더 보기

LuxeBeauty, 럭스 로션, 럭셔리 페이스, 무향, 2 액량 온스 (59ml)


가격 : ₩27,627

◀제품 설명▶

  • Vegan
  • No Glycerin
  • No Alcohol
  • No Parabens
  • No Petroleum
  • Nut Free
  • Non-Greasy Formula
  • Natural Sun Protection

Luxury Face Moisturizer made with Hyaluronic acid, CoQ10, Sea Buckthorn, and Raspberry Seed Oil.

Inspired by Jane's mother who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, Luxe Lotion is a non-toxic, nourishing formula with the highest quality ingredients carefully chosen by Jane to replenish, rejuvenate, and awaken your skin's natural radiance.

About the ingredients

Raspberry Seed Oil is a powerful natural skin protector from UVA and UVB rays with an SPF of 28-50.

Sea Buckthorn is native to the Himalayas and rich in Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K, P,carotenoids, flavonoids, phenols, folic acid and fatty acids.

Papaya Extract is known for dramatically improving skin tone and texture by rejuvenating mature, dull skin. It increases better circulation and promotes a healthy, vibrant complexion.

Bearberry Extract helps tame redness and soothes skin by evening out skin tone and hyperpigmentation.

Allantoin promotes collagen, elastin, and protein production.

Hyaluronic Acid works to smooth and plump up the skin by retaining moisture while restoring and enhancing the production of collagen.

Vitamin B reduces sun damage, evens out skin tone and increases collagen production.

Rosemary Extract is an antioxidant that improves circulation, stimulates cell renewal, and reduces the appearance of broken capillaries.

Coenzyme Q10 reduces fine lines and wrinkles by energizing cells, as well as aiding in the skin's ability to produce collagen and elastin.

◀제품 사용법▶

항상 24시간 패치 테스트를 실시하세요.

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Lorac, 프로 팔레트 4, 미니 비하인드 더 씬 아이 프라이머 포함, 0.51oz(14.3g)


가격 : ₩44,575

◀제품 설명▶

  • Los Angeles
  • 16 Eye Shadows 
Pro Palette 4 contains: 8 shimmer and 8 matte eye shadow shades and a Mini Behind the Scenes Eye Primer for stay-true color that lasts!

Pro Techniques
  • Create  a warm,  matte eye by blending  Pecan in the   crease, pressing  Amaretto  all over the lid  and deepening  the outer corner with  Cognac. 
  • Get   a sexy,  smoky eye by shaping  the crease  with  Warm Ginger, then applying Black  Currant over  the lid,  blending   into the crease  and outer  corner.  Press  Midnight on top  and bottom  lash  line for maximum  drama. 
  • For  a glowing, romantic eye  blend  Rose  Bud in the  crease, press  Candlelight  over  the lid  and layer Merlot  at the outer  edges. Pop Soft  Pearl on the inner corner for extra  highlight.
  • Chantilly 
  • Brulee
  • Pecan
  • Rose Bud 
  • Warm Ginger 
  • Cognac 
  • Amaretto 
  • Black Currant 
  • Soft Pearl 
  • Iced Rose 
  • Silver Mauve 
  • Begonia 
  • Candlelight 
  • Merlot 
  • Java 
  • Midnight

◀제품 사용법▶

프라임, 하이라이트, 섀이드, 라인, 선명함. 프로 아이 섀도우는 젖은 상태 또는 건조한 상태로 사용할 수 있습니다.

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Maybelline, The Blushed Nudes 아이섀도 팔레트, 0.34oz(9.6g)


가격 : ₩13,195

◀제품 설명▶

  • 13가지 룩을 하나의 팔레트에. Maybelline의 색상표 및 사용 방법


  • 쿼드
  • 트리오
  • 듀오

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Nature's Way, Skullcap Herb, 850 mg, 100 Vegan Capsules


가격 : ₩8,601

◀제품 설명▶

  • Since 1969
  • Traditional Sleep Aid
  • Certified Authentic TRU-ID™
  • Non GMO Project Verified
  • 850 mg Per Serving
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Vegan
Traditional Sleep Aid

At Nature's Way®, we believe in quality you can trust. So, we start by sourcing botanicals from the place they grow best. Then we use three distinct levels of scientific testing methods to ensure ingredients meet our uncompromising standards. Look for the TRU-ID™ logo to find products certified for authenticity by independent, third-party testing.

◀제품 사용법▶

Take 2 capsules daily.

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아무나 천국 말씀을 듣고 깨닫지 못할 때는 악한 자가 와서 그 마음에 뿌리운 것을 빼앗나니 이는 곧 길 가에 뿌리운 자요
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