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아이허브 추천상품

Solaray, 하루 한 알 울금 뿌리 추출물, 600mg, 베지 캡슐 60정

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가격 : ₩19,347

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CP-1, 3 Seconds Hair Fill-Up, 5.74 fl oz (170 ml)


가격 : ₩14,162

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  • Hair Clinic Ampoule
  • Water  Hair Fill-Up
  • 1:1 Mix
Experience a professional salon hair treatment from the comfort of your home. The 3 Second Hair Fill-Up is a self-heating, all-in-one repair treatment that deeply conditions, detangles, and nourishes the hair. Its fast-absorbing formula uses a unique protein complex that shields damaged hair strands and prevents further damage. Revitalize and restore dull, weakened hair to its natural shine with this intense, 3-second treatment.

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Coromega, Omega-3, Orange Squeeze, 120 패킷(2.5 g) 각


가격 : ₩45,106

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  • Omega-3 Squeeze Packets 650 mg Omega-3
  • 300% Better Absorption Than Softgels*
  • Tastes Delicious
  • Easy to Use Single Packet
  • Omega-3 Supplement
  • Unique Emulsified Formula - For Better Absorption
  • NSF- Content Tested & Certified
  • Smooth & Delicious
  • Gluten-Free
  • Portable
  • Superior Absorption

Orange Squeeze is a flavorful way to take your Omega-3 straight from an individual packet! Your whole family will love taking their fish oil because it's fun, easy and delicious.

Better Absorption:  Our unique emulsified formula is absorbed 300% more effectively than fish oil softgels, which helps raise your Omega-3s to healthy levels for a healthier heart, mind and body.

Better Taste: The smooth and delicious fruit flavor is easy to digest - meaning no fish burps!

Better Purity: Manufactured in our NSF certified facility ensuring the highest purity emulsified fish oil, meeting or exceeding the industry standard**

Squeeze anywhere

  • On a roadtrip
  • On an airplane
  • After your workout out
  • With your afternoon snack
  • At your favorite smoothie place
  • In the office

Let's face it - pills are old school. Our Omega-3 Squeeze packets are individuals sealed for freshness, do not require food or water and each contains one full day's serving of Omega-3s. So throw a few into your bag and stash a few at your desk. Finally an Omega-3 that fits your life!

*J Am Diet Assoc. 200; 109; 1076-1081

**Current GOED Voluntary Monograph

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성인 및 4세 이상 어린이: 음식과 함께 또는 단독으로 하루에 한 패킷을 드시거나, 전문의의 지시에 따라 드세요. 점선따라 찢고 직접 또는 건강 전문가가 짜서 입으로 또는 스푼에, 음식이나 음료에 더하여도 좋습니다. 얼리거나 데우지 마세요. 본 제품이나 다른 건강 보조 식품을 복용하기 전에 의사와 상의하세요.

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내 하나님이여 이 일을 인하여 나를 기억하옵소서 내 하나님의 전과 그 모든 직무를 위하여 나의 행한 선한 일을 도말하지 마옵소서
저희가 사로잡혀 간 땅에서 스스로 깨닫고 그 사로잡은 자의 땅에서 돌이켜 주께 간구하기를 우리가 범죄하여 패역을 행하며 악을 지었나이다 하며
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